About Us

The Coös County Director Network (CCDN) is a unique group of early childhood directors serving children and families in licensed Coös County early education programs. These early childhood professionals direct licensed centers and Head Start programs in the northern most 18 hundred square miles of New Hampshire. Together they are committed to ensuring that all children in Coös experience high quality early learning environments in childcare, preschool settings, and at home. The primary goal of the CCDN is to raise the level of expertise of early childhood professionals in licensed programs. This is accomplished by providing professional development, targeted training, coaching, and curriculum, in evidence based early education and business practices and using validated screenings and assessments to track child development and progress. The CCDN works in conjunction with partner organizations to improve and advocate for structural changes in early education compensation, training, and retention.


The Coös County Director Network is committed to creating and sustaining a system of highly trained, qualified professionals working with partner organizations to support all children, ages 0-12, and their families.


The mission of the Coös County Director Network is to collaborate and support each other as we Directors strive to provide comprehensive, evidence-based, quality early childhood programs and services that respond to the needs of children, families, and the community while aligning with state and nationally recognized research-based definitions of quality in the field.

Overarching Goal

All children in Coös County early childhood programs experience high quality early care and education.